Kids Playing Hoola Hoops

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Heavy Duty Buckets & Spades

Up To

Heavy Duty Robust Play

Up To

Heavy Duty Robust Play

Kids Playing

made for robust play

Heavy Duty Hoola Hoops

Kids Blowing Bubbles

THere's Nothing Else Like them!

Beanbags & Blackboards

And Teachers Have Confidence In Them

Truly Toys serving schools for over 18 years

We are driven by a team of experienced educators and educational advisors. Members of our staff are qualified to advise you on the most appropriate educational products to assist in the development of your children through play whether in the playroom at home or in the classroom. We are committed to delivering the highest level of service and shopping with us is a pleasant experience. It is not unusual for our customers to tell us that we are a great company with whom to do business”.

The company has deep roots going back some 50 years with the current management team having been in the driving seat for over 10 of these.

proudly made in south africa!