Importance of educational toys

Toys and your child’s development – everything you need to know

Discover the true value of educational toys for your child

“The best toys are 90 percent kid, 10 percent toy, with play fueled largely by the child’s imagination.” – Josh Golin

Before you buy another toy, we encourage you to ask one question: What will my child learn when they play with this?

Learning through play

We know that children learn best through play, but while we agree that any kind of play is beneficial to some extent, there is a lot to be said about what children get to play with. Every single toy has some value to offer – at the very least, a few minutes of entertainment – but it is safe to say that not all toys are created equal.

We’re not just talking about the quality of the toy – although at Truly Toys we pride ourselves in our collection of robust toys and educational resources – but the learning and development opportunity associated with that toy.

Take, for example, the humble bean bag. It might not play a catchy song or look like the latest character on kids’ TV, but it offers your little one at least 10 different play possibilities. With a couple of bean bags and a bit of creativity, your child can have fun throwing, catching, racing, bowling, balancing, jumping, juggling, hopping, hiding and pretending. That means that with one simple toy, your child is developing important gross motor skills (including coordination, midline crossing and muscular strength), exercising their imagination, and learning valuable social skills if they’re playing with you or a friend. Not bad for a little bag filled with beans, hey?

So, what makes a toy educational?

There are a number of ways to recognise an educational toy including, but not limited to:

  • It inspires active play (i.e. the toy does not do all the work)
  • It offers some sort of challenge (i.e. some new skill to learn, practise or master)
  • It encourages open-ended play (i.e. there’s more than one way to play with it)
  • It’s timeless (i.e. you may even remember it from your own childhood)
  • It has a general theme (i.e. it may be princess-themed, but it probably won’t be a big screen princess).

It is also important to note that an educational toy isn’t necessarily expensive. In fact, sometimes it’s the simple, most affordable ones that offer some of the greatest educational value.

If you’re looking for an educational toy that will give your child hours and hours of enjoyment – with plenty of valuable lessons along the way – then look no further than Truly Toys!

Truly Toys stock a wide range of good-quality toys that promote learning through play across multiple early childhood development areas. To find out more about our educational toys for all ages, please visit our website or contact us for a quote: 011 618 1337 /

At Truly Toys, we help you to be an even better parent or teacher by providing learning resources for dynamic play that encourage children’s development.

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