School Holidays.

School Holidays. Let’s be honest, a few of you just got cold chills running down your spine, while your kids are like

Allow me to blow your mind; I LOVE school holidays. I know you didn’t think you would ever hear those words from another grown adult, but it is true. It’s possible to drink hot tea, while your kids play contentedly, while learning, for three long weeks. There is a trick though, to getting holidays right, and it involves a bucket of goodies that you have tucked away for this very moment.

So let’s chat through this ‘bucket list’ together because surely every mom deserves a hot cup of tea and kids who aren’t crying, whining, fighting or all of the above, right? So, here is a simple guideline to my favourite holiday bucket.

  1. Dot stickers: Friend, if you haven’t got yourself a sheet of dot stickers have you even lived? There are so many activities that you can put together in a second with these beauties and the benefits are endless. The first, most important one is… dot stickers don’t tear when tiny humans try pull them off. Let’s be honest, if there has ever been a mood killer it is the sad little person who just ripped the head of his dinosaur. That’s a no for me, thanks.
  2. Sticky notes: These are basically just big dot stickers. Easy to stick and remove without tearing, and GREAT for learning sequencing, whether it’s names, numbers or learning any sequence, these are your go-to.
  3. A ball/sandbag: Rolling, throwing, kicking, catching, tipping- take it from someone who has no ball skills, it’s a lonely life on this side. Using a ball is a great way to create the neurological pathways necessary for maths and science, while also developing those little muscles to become future athletes. Win!
  4. A board game: Let’s be honest, there are days when you don’t feel like setting up an activity, when your kids don’t feel like playing outside, when everyone just want to chill. An easy to understand board game like dominos, snakes and ladders or even a puzzle is a great way for everyone to just relax and enjoy themselves. Also, it’s great at building maths skills.
  5. A bucket: Wait, is this a trick? Isn’t the point of the bucket to store all the other things? No… there are so many benefits to an empty bucket, it’s crazy. Whether it is being used as a target in bean-bag tossing, or for some messy play, the opportunities are endless.
  6. Random small toys: cars, dinosaurs, animals, pom poms, bloacks, etc. These are useful for most messy play, sorting, cleaning activities and help get the creative juices flowing.

If you are struggling to fill your bucket, Truly Toys has put one together with all of your holiday necessities, all you have to do is order it here. So, you now have a bucket of things but no real plan on how to use them #fail. Don’t despair! If you need more guidance on what activities you can use these for, head over to Instagram where I will be doing a post every other day to help make your holidays that much more enjoyable.

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