How to Make a Purchase

Please follow the below steps:

  • “Search”or “Browse” to locate product(s) of choice.
  • Click “Add to Cart”
  • Popup window appears; click either “Continue Shopping” or “Proceed to Checkout”
  • Continue Shopping:
    • If “Continue Shopping” is selected browse our website to add other items to your “Cart”
  • Proceed to Checkout:
    • If “Proceed to Checkout” you are directed to the checkout to review your cart summary.
  • Checkout Page:
    • Shopping-Cart Summary: Adjust product quantity if desired.
    • Account: Either Login, Create an Account or Instant Checkout “Guest Checkout)
    • Addresses (Optional): “Update” or “Add a new Address”
    • Delivery Methods: Choose available “Delivery Methods” (Options: Collection – JHB warehouse, or Courier within South Africa)
    • Leave a message (Optional): Give us any important information regarding your order.
    • Accept “Terms and Conditions”
    • Choose your payment method through our Payment Partner, Paygate:
      • If “Pay with PayGate” has been selected, you will be directed to the PayGate payment page where you can pay via either Credit Card or Debit Card. Once information has been entered and transaction is successful, you will be redirected to the “Order Confirmation” page with order information and an email notification will be sent to you with your order information.

Please view other useful links and information:

Secure Credit Card: For the security of both our customers and ourselves, our website is 3D Secure, which is the highest level of security available. In order to purchase online with your credit card on any 3D secure site you first of all need to have your credit card enrolled or authenticated for 3D Secure payments with your own bank. This is a once off process and thereafter you will be able to make

  • Payments on any 3D Secure sites.  Please phone your own bank on the numbers listed below and request that your credit card is enrolled or authenticated for 3D Secure payments. We have partnered with PayGate, a leader in secure Internet payment processing, to ensure that your transactions are processed securely and reliably. Through this gateway we have no access to your credit card details.
  • Delivery: The Truly Toys Online staff will now process your order efficiently and you will receive an email with the courier or postal tracking number. Enjoy your purchase when you receive it – and please shop with us again.

Should you have any problems please email us at